Visions of the Aquatic by Jonny Ong (New Halo Album)

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Jonny Ong‘s latest album “Visions of the Aquatic” just dropped on Spotify. Not only is it a great record, but it also features a lot of Halo.

Backstory: In 2015, Aaron Ximm, Todd Garlow and myself had the pleasure of meeting Jonny in Singapore. I was asked by Jonny to perform Halo at the Singapore Grand Prix, what?! Talk about a first. We had a blast and were thankful for the opportunity to get to know Jonny, his friends and his family. Their hospitality was beyond measure and friendships were born.  

Bottom Line: Jonny is an amazing talent. Not only is he a great Halo player (I asked him repeatedly why HE didn’t just play for the grand prix) but he’s also an awesome singer, songwriter and guitarist. I love how he incorporates Halo into his compositions. The sound texture added brings a unique flavor to his music. I’m very grateful to know him and I think you’ll be grateful to check out his music. Please do! Jonny Ong, everybody!

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