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Hi Everyone!

We would like to thank all those who participated in our contest. It was great to see such cool and inspired designs.

We would like to congratulate Shane Carroll on the winning design! Shane’s sleek and minimalistic approach caught our attention early on and stuck with us throughout the competition. As the winner, he will be receiving a free Evatek case, free shipping, and a $500 discount on the Halo of his choice.



However, because we received so many awesome designs we couldn’t just stop at showcasing one of them. Therefore, we have decided to print many of the other designs and as a thank you to all the participants we would like to offer them a Halo, as well!  Participants, please contact us for further details.

Shane’s design will be run first and after his run out we will begin offering the other designs in succession. *Note – all shirts will be sold on our webstore at cost as we don’t intend on profiting from them.

Future Halo purchases will include the shirt design we’re currently showcasing.  If you’re a recent Halo recipient who did not receive a shirt, please contact us for more info.

Click here to go directly to the photo gallery!

Thanks again to all our participants.  This was fun!


Kyle, Lexx, Jason, Darren, Spyros & Jonathan

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