Symphonic Steel + Pantheon Steel Collaboration!

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Dear community,

HMU has another rare instrument to offer.

This F Integral aka Shunko (F / C Db Eb F G Ab C Eb) is a collaboration between Symphonic Steel and Pantheon Steel, both of which are founding members of Handpan Makers United.

Symphonic Steel, led by Sean Beever, hydroformed and shaped this instrument, and I greatly enjoyed tuning it.

This is HMU’s second collaborative instrument and more are in the works. Participating in these joint efforts has deepened my appreciation for not only this art form, but for my fellow makers as well. I’m thankful to Sean for his willingness to embark on this and also to Mark and Team Saraz on our first collab’.

We are living out our organization’s vision statement by working together and sharing information for the greater good. Hammering on someone else’s material has been a real eye-opener for me and I hope these gentlemen feel the same after they’ve worked on mine. Halo shells are being prepared for each of them as I type.

Here’s to camaraderie and free creative expression within our handpan art form!

Kyle Cox
founding member
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