Pantheon Steel & Symphonic Steel Collaboration

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Hello again!
HMU members Pantheon and Symphonic Steel have teamed up once again to make the first ‘Haliskra’, which is a Halo tuned by Sean Beever in the Pendragon sound model (Db – Ab B Db Eb E Ab Db Eb).
We fabricated these shells exactly as we would for ourselves and then shipped them to Sean in California to tune. I think you’ll agree he did a great job!
This is HMU’s third collaborative instrument and more continue to be in the works. I’m thankful once again to Sean for his willingness to embark on this rewarding adventure.
We are living out our organization’s vision statement by working together and sharing information for the betterment of this art form. I hope Sean’s journey of tuning our instrument has been as rewarding as it was for me tuning his.
Here’s to camaraderie and free creative expression!
Kyle Cox
founding member
Handpan Makers United
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