SWAP and SALE Revisited

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WAIT! There’s been an update to our SWAP and SALE program (see https://www.pantheonsteel.com/swap-and-sale-important-update/)

Hi everyone,

For the past couple years I feel we have turned our back on Halo family members wanting to trade in sound models they grew out of or never connected well with in the first place.

We have encouraged owners of old and new Halos to use Facebook instead of the source, us, to find their best fit.

While Facebook may be a fine place to find your next make & model, I feel there has always been something missing from that equation.

  • One would be the personal touch of care we have for all Halo owners and our desire to make you as happy as possible.
  • The other is the personal touch of a tuner’s hammer. (As far as I know, Facebook employs zero handpan tuners.)

That said, we’ve created the SWAPS available for immediate purchase category on our webstore.  There, we will do our best to sell your existing (and freshly tuned) Halo on consignment while we make your replacement.  These will be handled on a case by case basis and trade in values will be subject to fluctuations depending on the current state of your Halo.

If you’re an interested swapper/seller, drop us a line at [email protected].

If you’re an interested buyer, stop by our webstore as we’ve already got a couple available.  We’ve got a couple new Halos there as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kyle Cox
Pantheon Steel

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