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WAIT! There’s been an update to our SWAP and SALE program (see https://www.pantheonsteel.com/swap-and-sale-important-update/)

Hello future swap and sellers!

We are not surprised by the overwhelming response to our recent Swap and Sale Revisited email!  Many of you have asked for more details so here goes..

Step 1:

Send us some current photos and a good demo video of your Halo playing all the notes slowly and individually.  We want to see and hear the worst parts of your Halo. (We’re familiar with the good parts 😉  This will help us determine if your Halo is a good candidate for the program.  The better its condition the better off you’ll be.  If you haven’t taken very good care of it or if there’s been an unfortunate mishap along the way, it will directly reflect in what we can get for it.  The less we get means the less we can put towards your new Halo.  We’ll give you the best estimate of its worth after receiving your pics and vids.

Step 2:

If our ballpark value is acceptable we’ll set up an appropriate time frame with you to ship your Halo to us for the hands on inspection, tuning and future sale.  This will be on you.  We recommend using your local post office as it will be much more cost friendly.  It is best if you have the original box and inserts your Halo came with as these have proven to be the safest mode of transit.  If you no longer have the original box and inserts we can send you a new set for $25, if you’re domestic.  Contact us if you’re international.

Step 3:

Once received, your Halo will be inspected, cleaned and tuned.  For this, an approximate fee of $150 (our normal retune fee) will be added to your account to be payable later.  It will then be put on our webstore under the new category “SWAPS available for immediate purchase“.  We’ll handle everything necessary with selling your Halo.  100% of what it sells for will go directly towards the purchase of your new one.

Step 4:

While step 3 is happening we will put you on our production schedule.  We encourage you to visit our website and get to know our virtual Halo player.  It is an extremely helpful tool that allows you to interactively experience our current sound models.  If you don’t see it on our site there’s a solid chance we won’t make it for you.  However, we do periodically update the player so don’t be a stranger to it.  Please email Lexx at [email protected] to confirm your desired sound model.

Step 5:

Once your Halo is completed we’ll send you a private link to our webstore.  There you will pay the previously mentioned $150 tuning/admin fee and any amount below the price of a new Halo (no more than $3500) from the sale of your old Halo.  i.e. If your old Halo sold for $3200 you’ll see a $300 balance plus the $150 service fee.  As with all new Halo purchasers, you’ll get a FREE Evatek case and FREE worldwide shipping.

If you are the original owner of your Halo and paid more than $3500 via one of our sliding scale lotteries and/or eBay we will offer you this service free of charge (no $150 fee and no balance), but are not likely to resell your Halo for any more than $3500 which may result in a negative financial gain.  Your one and only benefit will be acquiring the brand new Halo of your choice.

This is an idea I’ve wanted to pursue for years. I hope that a trusted go-between, us, who knows your Halo almost as well as you, will serve as the best option to keep existing Halos circulating at their optimal performance while providing you a guaranteed avenue to acquire the new Halo you’ve been wanting.

We look forward to hearing from you!

*note*  We will keep track of sellers. A seller who participates more than once may incur an additional fee after the first sale.  The additional amount will be determined at a later date.

Kyle Cox
Pantheon Steel

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