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Hi everyone,

For over a year now, we have offered Halo owners the chance to swap or sell their Halo through our website, no questions asked.

Before that, we noticed Halos were being swapped via social media with no mention of the need for tuning. That concerned me. Therefore, the goal of our program was to ensure every pre-owned Halo was in tip-top condition when sold to its new owner as well as to give peace of mind to the seller through the process. So, our web store served as the hub for helping both buyers and sellers achieve their end goal. Many Halos were swapped or bought back by Pantheon Steel, retuned and listed on our store. 

However, we are pleased that the community self-organized and created swap & sell groups on Facebook. With helpful and responsible moderation, buyers and sellers both have a common destination to find and sell a large variety of handpans, not just Halos. In most cases, however, what’s still missing is the tuner. That’s about to change, at least for Halo people. 

Instead of continuing our own program we have decided our efforts are best served participating on Facebook instead of resisting it. We are still very much interested in making sure every Halo sold or swapped there is in tip-top condition, so we will play an active role in these groups to make sure that happens. Without us as the singular location for Halo resales, owners wanting to sell or swap their instrument will be able to benefit from greater visibility and reach across the entire handpan community. 

Again, the inclusion of a qualified tuner is the glue that absolutely binds this process together. Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, we are available to tune your Halo. As for other handpan brands, we highly recommend hiring the services of a professional tuner such as Josh Rivera, of Rivera Steel Tuning, as part of any swap or sell transaction. Josh is a Pantheon-approved Halo tuner as well.

It’s a fact that handpans require periodic maintenance. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise. Years ago there was a myth that Hangs never went out of tune. Having tuned several hundred of them myself, I’d say that’s debunked. Handpans require professional maintenance. If you don’t plan to or have the desire to properly maintain your handpan, I suggest you don’t buy one. And if any maker out there has no retune policy or guarantee on their instruments, I suggest you keep looking. 

We understand the desire and need to let go of and acquire different instruments. Though we will no longer sell your Halo directly on our site, we will certainly do our part in keeping it in its best condition possible for you to be able to sell it elsewhere with confidence. But we can’t do that if you don’t let us know. No matter if you’re selling or buying, please contact us to arrange a tuning. From there we will give you the necessary details moving forward.  

Thank you.

Kyle Cox

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