Klezmara Production Halo


Klezmara is another Middle-Eastern flavored Halo, similar to our recent and very popular Arabesque scale. Reminiscent of, and with a nod to, both Yiddish Klezmer music and Kiavara, this hexatonic excerpt of harmonic minor has an infectious, almost danceable quality, and an extended range of two octaves.


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Product Description

Klezmara: (B) F# B C D# E F# G B (try it now)

Tuners: Kyle Cox and Jason Ragsdale

Shipping From: Farmington, MO

Shipping Method: UPS for domestic shipping – USPS for international shipping

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Customs/Import Duties: Buyer’s Responsibility

This Halo Purchase IncludesEvatek Carrying Case, Carekit, T-shirt


The video above is an example of our Klezmara Production Halo. You will receive a video of the actual instrument after your place your pre-order.

Additional Information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 13 in