Have you grown weary of the unknown wait time for a Halo? If so, you may appreciate our recent changes in how we take orders. By offering smaller production runs, we are able to keep delivery times and expectations more manageable. If you like the Production Halo we are offering at the time, grab it. If you prefer spending a bit more to get the Halo you have always wanted, choose the Personalized option.

  1. Production Halo (Ready-Made) – Ships Soon!
    This is the best and most efficient way for us to get a brand new Halo in your hands (which
    is reflected in the price). We will produce several short runs of our sound model per batch. We are currently offering the Wadi Rum sound model with an Apex center note demo’ed by our friend Dan Mulqueen. If this is not the one for you, simply wait until our next short production run — or you can now order a personalized Halo.
  2. Personalized Halo (You Choose) – Ships Within 6-8 Weeks
    Choose among our available options and create your own personalized Halo
    . Pick your preferred size, sound model, Inpex or Apex, laser etching design, etc… and we will build it for you. In efforts to keep wait times to a minimum, we will open only a few Perso spots at a time. Please check back frequently or join the new Personalized Halo waitlist within the web store which will be displayed when we are out of stock.

Kyle offers free retunes on all Halos — past, present and future — to be scheduled based on availability (you only pay for shipping).

Halo Handpans