Have you grown weary of the unknown wait time for a Halo? If so, you may appreciate recent changes in how we take orders. We are now able to keep delivery times and expectations more manageable. If you like the Ready-Made Halo we are offering at the time, grab it. If you prefer spending a bit more to get the Halo you have always wanted, choose the Personalized option.

  1. Ready-Made Halo – Ships Immediately!
    This is the best and most efficient way for us to get a brand new Halo in your hands (which
    is reflected in the price). If this is not the one for you, you can order a personalized Halo.

  2. Personalized Halo (You Choose) – Ships Within 6-8 Weeks
    Choose among our available options and create your own personalized Halo
    . Pick your preferred size, sound model, Inpex or Apex, laser etching design, etc… and we will build it for you. 

Kyle offers free retunes on all Halos — past, present and future — to be scheduled based on availability (you only pay for shipping).

Halo Handpans