Pantheon Steel dedicates their US Patent US8455745 B2 to the public.

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More good comes from giving than keeping.


Handpan community,

In the spirit of progressing our art form, and strengthening its culture of openness,

I have dedicated my U.S. Patent US8455745 B2 to the public.

In doing so, I proudly take inspiration in the profound generosity demonstrated by my friend, and gifted maker Colin Foulke, who shared his novel shell hydroforming method with the world.

I’m taking his lead, and offering our own shell forming technique (the Rolling Method) to anyone interested in trying it. Whoever wishes to explore our method, may now do so with no concern of legal threat or intimidation. The dedication of our patent equals zero fear for artisans attempting its possibilities.

I believe my former partner, the late Jim Dusin (designer of the first roll machine, and co-designer of its method), would have been proud of this decision. We never sought to exploit our invention by licensing it, nor did we seek to prevent anyone from pursuing techniques inspired by it.

At the time of our method’s invention, we did feel acquiring a patent was a prudent business decision, but we’ve learned they can also be abused as an offensive weapon. Rather than see our own patent become a tool of intimidation, we choose to release it, and go forth with an open hand and open heart.

In the past, we have pursued other means of supporting makers on their quest. Our first contribution was the Makers’ Section of our webstore, launched in 2011. In its heyday, it supplied tuning rings, tuning apparatuses, air and hand hammers, hammer heads, air regulated foot pedals, LazyDu turning tables, precut steel discs, formed shells, shell glue, and ultimately, the industry-changing Linotune tuning software.

We provided this service at the expense of focusing on our own pursuits, knowing, and indeed hoping, other makers would ‘take up the hammer’ and help grow our industry.  We knew it was impossible and illogical to think we should be one of only two makers in the world.

We need more handpans in the world. Every one is a gift to those who play and hear it, whether it is called a handpan, or pantam, or cupola, or sound sculpture.

Handpans change lives–I’ve witnessed their power to do so many times. Limiting, or tightly controlling, their spread would be an unconscionable offense.

The tighter you hold on to something the quicker you will lose it. So we choose to let go. Instead of the pause button, we reach for fast forward.

And here we are today, moving forward, fast. I can hardly believe that as I write today, there are almost 150 makers worldwide, and that puts a smile on my face. This is exactly what I envisioned.

The art of tuning is just that, art. It cannot easily be taught, learned, or mechanically imitated.

But what can be automated is the physical fabrication of these instruments’ basic form. Our rolling process is now one of the few proven methods of making a steel canvas on which tuners practice their art. I am honored to share it, just as Colin shared his, with the world.

I fervently believe: more good comes from giving than keeping.  Perhaps an organization of builders who share this sentiment should form…

Thank you, handpan community, for what you’ve given me, my family, and my team. We are blessed and we pray blessings upon all of you.

Very sincerely,

Kyle Cox

Owner and founder,

Pantheon Steel

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  • Robert Rothbard aka Soulful

    Praise God! This is a beautiful move.

    • Clay Inthepottershands

      You are an Angel, Thank you… I have been a UMO propane drum maker for sometime and yes, these heal… I have passed on more sales than sold… Cause they needed a drum and wasn’t in position to make. People need these… Rainbow Christlight Blessings!

  • Mark D'Ambrosio

    “The tighter you hold on to something the quicker you will lose it.” Beautiful. Bravo Kyle and PS team, you continue to inspire this community.

  • Larry Clark

    The Best Patent and really only one is good customer services and dedication to a product.

    Larry Clark
    CEO/ Founder
    R.N.C. Industries Inc

  • Jonas Gebauer

    Awesome news, Kyle!

    Every day is a good day. And now is very special.


  • Thomas Römann

    What more to say than “Thank you, Kyle”!
    I´ve been dreaming about playing an instrument of the quality of a halo for a while and it´s just become a bit more likely that I and many others indeed once will.

    Thanks again,

    Thomas Römann

  • Mike Piazza

    Thank You Kyle !
    Thank You Team Pantheon Steel !!!!
    Cheers !

  • Reply

    Awesome, inspiring, wise and generous! ☺️❤️✨🎶👏🏼
    Thanks Kyle and the Pantheon Steel team! 👍🏼😊 🙂 <3

  • Nick

    Thank you for doing this. It’s very noble and it’s great to see people rising above in the name of love 🙂

  • Hank Wootton


  • Suzanne Cooper MD

    Once you move out of the monetary world and into the currency of giving ,healing and love, rewards far greater than money can buy will come in abundance. Thank you for being that example to the world.
    I look forward to learning to play your magical instrument for hospice patients. It will become yet another beautiful soul-tool on their journey to crossing over.
    In deep gratitude-

  • David Friedman

    Pantheon Steel is overflowing with customers, many on waiting lists for years, because you created the Rolls Royce of handpans. Sharing your patent will help bring greater quality handpans to the world, but the love, attention to detail and the movement you built will forever be proprietary and Halo-Heart felt.

  • Josiah

    Very inspiring! Thanks for your dedication and generosity in creating and sharing these wonderful instruments with the world! Bravo Pantheon Steel!!!

  • Anocha

    “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”

    You are just that… All it takes is just ONE to change the world. We need more people like you in this Aquarian Age where the heart rules. My spiritual teacher said “The strength of a man lies in what he can give, not what he has.” You have just created a space where The Universe will replenish with its blessings.

    In gratitude, I hope to blessed with a Halo someday…

  • Matt

    Great job, Kyle and Team… very smart and wise… I just hope I can get one of your handpans in your lottery!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Ramón Seijo

    Gracias por compartir vuestro arte con el mundo 🙏 Bendiciones

    Thank you for sharing your art with the world. 🙏 Blessings

  • Matthew Conners

    Generous. Inspiring! Thank you! Blessings 🙂

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