Latest Halo + Saraz collaboration!

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Garner back at headquarters in Farmington after a multi-year hiatus. We all had a great time reconnecting, and I hope you’ll agree the result of his visit was well worth it. We teamed up once again to make the first ‘Halaz’, which is a Halo tuned by […]

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Symphonic Steel & Pantheon Steel Collaboration

Hello! HMU has another rare instrument to offer. This F Integral aka Shunko (F – C Db Eb F G Ab C Eb) is a collaboration between Symphonic Steel and Pantheon Steel, both of which are founding members of Handpan Makers United. Symphonic Steel, led by Sean Beever, hydroformed and shaped this instrument, and I greatly […]

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Halo on New Movie Soundtrack

Movie composer and Halo owner, Greg Tripi, recently informed us he included some Halo cues in the new movie Hotel Artemis which premiered, June 8, 2018. “I played the theme for one of the main characters on my Halo, and it gets used several times in the film. Really fun score.” — Greg said. We heard […]

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Halo / Saraz Collaboration

The instrument above is the result of a collaboration between Saraz Handpans and Pantheon Steel, both of which are founding members of Handpan Makers United. Team Saraz, led by Mr. Mark Garner, shaped this Shellopan deep drawn shell and I had the task of tuning it. This marks the first time I’ve tuned a handpan other than […]

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SWAP and SALE Details

Hello future swap and sellers! We are not surprised by the overwhelming response to our recent Swap and Sale Revisited email!  Many of you have asked for more details so here goes.. Step 1: Send us some current photos and a good demo video of your Halo playing all the notes slowly and individually.  We […]

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SWAP and SALE Revisited

Hi everyone, For the past couple years I feel we have turned our back on Halo family members wanting to trade in sound models they grew out of or never connected well with in the first place. We have encouraged owners of old and new Halos to use Facebook instead of the source, us, to […]

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T-shirt Design Contest Winner

Hi Everyone!   We would like to thank all those who participated in our contest. It was great to see such cool and inspired designs. We would like to congratulate Shane Carroll on the winning design! Shane’s sleek and minimalistic approach caught our attention early on and stuck with us throughout the competition. As the winner, he […]

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Halo on Discovery Channel!

We’re excited to share that the Halo will make its sonic debut on the Discovery Channel tonight! TV & film composer, Greg Tripi, has recently used his Halo on the soundtrack of a new series entitled Manhunt: Unabomber. Series premiere tonight, August 1st, 2017. Click here to see a list of the films, games and […]

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Global Handpan Makers Have United

As alluded to in my patent dedication news release, a group within the handpan making industry indeed has amassed. We are advocates for protection and cultivation of the global tuned steel community through spread of truthful information, collaboration, camaraderie and free creative expression within the Handpan art form. We call [...]

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