AirTag for Lost/Stolen Handpans?

We’ve all heard stories of misplaced or even stolen handpans… which makes the the actual experience of traveling with a pan quite stressful. So, what can you do? Always keep it within line of sight? That’s not always possible with air travel or at a handpan gathering.

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2021 Halo Stories Project

If this art form has taught us anything… it’s that creativity is the byproduct of being alive! So we’re making a call to anyone who has a handpan story to share—and we’re devoting 2021 to listening to, and to compiling those stories. Need help getting started? The story can be about you or maybe you […]

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Handpan Community United

I am very thankful, pleased, and encouraged to have joined a team of colleagues I respect and appreciate to help bring forth a new organization to protect our Handpan community. We call ourselves HCU (Handpan Community United). We have nearly 1300 members and are growing everyday. Please read our mission statement.

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SWAP and SALE (Important Update)

Hi everyone, For over a year now, we have offered Halo owners the chance to swap or sell their Halo through our website, no questions asked. Before that, we noticed Halos were being swapped via social media with no mention of the need for tuning. That concerned me. Therefore, the goal of our program was […]

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2nd Halo + Zephyr HMU Collaboration!

Heads up! Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind handpan? HMU collabs’ are the best way to get one—while helping to protect the integrity, fellowship, and security of our beloved young art form. Handpan Makers United was founded to help ensure the open and healthy growth of this art form for many more generations to come. In response to […]

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