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Meet the Team

Meet Spyros Pan

Kyle’s Introduction

Spyros and I met in the UK in 2010 at the HangOut UK festival. I delivered him a new Halo of which he played on stage at the event. He had the instrument no more than a few minutes before it was time to perform and as I watched the energy grab hold of him it captivated the rest of us.

He played brilliantly – so much that it made my eyes well up with pride. As our relationship grew I knew he’d be a faithful tuning student someday. Someday is now.  He is beginning to do great work and I am honored to have him on the team.


“I was born in Athens, Greece. My background is a multidimensional jigsaw puzzle: everything from a bachelors in Economics and a masters in Human Resources to a juggling act (which was featured in a movie), a permaculture design degree, and a photography background. I’ve given solo Handpan concerts in two continents and have three solo handpan studio albums..

I have been a Pantheon Steel team member since 2014.

In April 2007, while working in HR in London, I experienced a serious burn out. It inspired me to quit my current life as I knew it and travel to Madeira to attend a permaculture course. It was there that someone spoke to me about a new and unique instrument from Switzerland, which I acquired a few months later.

By 2008, word was spreading about a new, promising maker from the USA. I asked to join the waiting list to buy a Halo, but due to a mistake, my name was left out. In the fall of 2009, to compensate for the oversight, Pantheon offered me a ‘handicapped’ DXD Halo that was not meant to go for sale. This marked the start of a new friendship.

I cherished the new Halo and took it with me on a Japan music tour in 2010. (I also shot a lot of pictures, a few of which now decorate the walls of the company’s HQ.)

In the years following, my concerts in Greece were becoming more official. I felt the need to have my instruments in perfect tune at all times. With no tuner around, there was only one way for me to achieve that: learn how to retune myself.

In September 2012, I asked Kyle to teach me how to tune my Halo. He was not ready to teach me at that time, but one year later, I asked again and he agreed. I travelled to the Pantheon Steel Headquarters for my first lessons in tuning Halos in November 2014, and have been at it ever since. Currently I maintain a Pantheon Steel tuning workshop in Athens, Greece where I tune Halo 22s (formerly known as AGs).”