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Meet the Team

Meet Lino Schraudolph

Kyle’s Introduction

The day we met Lino in London in 2010 I knew he’d end up being a priceless member of our team. He and Jim quickly hit it off sharing their technical prowesses and he and I began deep discussions about inventing a new device for tuning that would far surpass anything to date.

Lino’s creative intellect and kind nature has enriched our company beyond words. He and I have had many long discussions about the future of this art form. The future is now.


“Having become fascinated with neural networks in my youth, I embarked on a research career in artificial intelligence that spanned two decades on three continents.  It eventually culminated in a complete burnout, and the urgent need to sit on a beach and stare at the waves for a long time.

When I started looking for something equally relaxing but more interesting to do, a Batch 1 Halo entered my life. Meeting its makers Kyle and Jim at the 2010 HangOutUK soon propelled me into the role of Pantheon’s computer wizard, creating linotune and programming some of Pantheon’s most complex production machinery.

I now live with my soon-to-be wife back where we grew up, because the mountains here are just more beautiful than anywhere else I’ve been.”