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Meet the Team

Meet Alexiss Ragsdale

Kyle’s Introduction

Lexx keeps the train on the tracks here at Pantheon.  Her wonderful, light-hearted attitude is a great pair with her husband Jason’s.  It is a joy to watch the two of them interact on a daily basis.  

Lexx’s responsibilities are vast.  I continually challenge her with new duties and ideas and she hasn’t once let me down. She is great with people and people like her.  For months, she’s been lightening Aaron’s load by managing our helpdesk and I believe she’s doing a great job.  She’s also able to keep up with my ever-evolving methods of running this company and for that I’m grateful.  


“I was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Missouri around 8 years old. I grew up on a little farm with my parents and my brother and sister. It was the best!

My husband Jason and I both went to the same high school as well as the same technical school. We really pushed each other to go after what we wanted to be in life. We got married on our family’s farm right at sunset and have brought three beautiful daughters into the world, Masyn, Madilyn and Esley. They are our greatest achievements.

When we attended technical school, I aspired for a CNA certification and Jason for a machinist certification. One day out of the blue, Jason told me about this big interview coming up for a machinist position with this company that made musical instruments. This was a big deal to us because at the time he was working two jobs. He interviewed along with one other person and got a call a few days later that he got the job! It was so exciting! To have such a great job, normal hours and decent pay right out of high school isn’t really heard of in our small town.

After high school graduation, I decided to go to college to get my associates degree in arts and science as a general degree. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do until Pantheon came along. Two years into Jason working for Pantheon, I was offered a part time job just helping out with keeping up with things at the shop and trying to keep up with email communication. After seeing how amazing Pantheon treated Jason, I thought it might be a good idea if I accepted as well, so I did.

Now I work as Kyle’s full-time assistant. I do my best to keep up with email communication as well as get our orders out in a timely manner to keep our friends and customers as happy as possible.”