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Dear community,

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Garner back at headquarters in Farmington after a multi-year hiatus. We all had a great time reconnecting, and I hope you’ll agree the result of his visit was well worth it.

We teamed up once again to make the first Halaz. This is a Halo tuned by Mark, and it’s tuned to our Spiral sound model (Db/ Ab Db Eb F Ab Db Eb F). 

You may remember our first collab was the Sarazalo, which was a Saraz tuned by me. 

This is HMU’s fourth collaborative instrument and more continue to be in the works. I’m very thankful to Mark for making the trip and also for bringing along a sweet new stainless Saraz for us to check out. He and team Saraz are doing great work!

We are living out our organization’s vision statement for the betterment and protection of this art form. Strong roots make strong trees.

Kyle Cox
Pantheon Steel
founding member
Handpan Makers United

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