Good Halo Hygiene: Are you cleaning your Halo properly?

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For a couple years now, we’ve shipped every new Halo without anti-corrosion solution on it. Halos sound better, feel better and still look amazing (even without the added luster of solution). So we recommend leaving the surface bare and free from any kind of oil or paste. We’ve had far fewer reports of rust since we stopped applying product to new Halos… as crazy as that sounds.

Updated Halo Cleaning Recommendation

  1. Do not use anti-corrosion product on your Halo
  2. Clean your Halo daily, using alcohol (or even ammonia-free glass cleaner)
  3. Keeping your Halo clean is the best corrosion-prevention
  4. Do not put your Halo in its case if wet (either from cleaning or from outside moisture)

What about older Halos? If you haven’t had any problems, keep doing it what you’re doing. But if you’ve noticed a lack of sustain, too much anti-corrosion solution might be the cause. In doubt, get in touch with us.

Disclaimer: These are Halo-specific recommendations; we are in no way recommending this for any other handpan brand.

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