AirTag for Lost/Stolen Handpans?

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Isn’t the handpan a perfect instrument for nomads? It’s compact enough to take outside for jam at the park or all the way on your big trip across the world — making friends and memories along the way.

But when you start traveling with a handpan, you immediately realize that your prized possession is quite vulnerable out there in the world…

We’ve all heard stories of misplaced or even stolen handpans… which makes the the actual experience of traveling with a pan quite stressful. So, what can you do? Always keep it within line of sight? That’s not always possible with air travel or at a handpan gathering.

Apple just released a new tracker called AirTag. We’re looking into including the AirTag with future Halo purchases to help solve those problems and for added peace of mind.

Stay tuned.

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