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“How do I get a Halo?”

Acquiring a Halo

How do I get a Halo? How long after I express interest can I expect to get one?

First, you must join our waiting list via the box labeled ‘Join the List’ at the bottom of this page.

Once you’re on the list, you’ll be notified when we take a ‘batch’ of orders and also when we run a flash sale.

To get a Halo of your choice, you must successfully participate in one of our batch lotteries.

To purchase one of our ready-made Halos, you must be successful in our weekly online flash sales here on our webstore.

We will send a mass email to our list the next time we run a batch lottery. All you need to do to participate is to follow the simple instructions we provide.

Our lottery process does not require that you be sitting at a computer at a specific hour and day, but our flash sales do require that. Flash sale Halos typically sell quickly!

You must be on the waiting list to participate in future lotteries and/or learn of our flash sales.

How much does a Halo cost?

Between $3000 – $3500 depending on the sound model and number of notes.

What are the steps in getting a Halo? When can I get on the “production list” to get one?

Your first step on the path to get a Halo is to sign up for our Waiting List using the sign up box at the bottom of this page.

Everyone on our waiting list will be notified when a “batch” of Halos is going to be made available. Currently, we hope this will be more frequent than it ever has been.

Starting with Batch Two, orders were accepted by lottery. Everyone on our wait list has had the chance to get on the production list every time we have held a lottery. Only people on our waiting list are eligible to participate in our lotteries.

Email announcements will be sent prior to us opening the lottery so you have plenty of time to participate in our process. The lottery process does NOT require you to be at a computer at a specific hour and day.

We have run our lotteries differently each time.  Stay tuned to our communications for the latest lottery processes.

Is a down payment required?


For our first batch of Halos, we took deposits, but based on our experience with that process, we are revising our policy so that this is no longer necessary.

We are deeply grateful to our first pioneer customers, who put up a deposit on a brand new instrument, and in a very real way made the Halo possible at all. All of you directly contributed to the Halo’s success so far and we hope you are proud of that fact.

What happens if I put down a deposit, but don’t have the balance due when offered an instrument? Is there a grace period to pay that amount?

This only affected customers for our first production batch, as for subsequent batches deposits are not being collected.

Say I just bought a Halo. If I want a second Halo, do I have to get back into line again?

No, you are automatically re-enrolled and remain on our mailing list. You are eligible to participate in future batch lotteries.

I have a lovely/unique/hand-made _________, would you consider trading it for a Halo?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept instruments, artwork, or other barter in exchange for a Halo.

When our steel provider and bank begins accepting barter as well, we will be quite happy to change our policy!

Do you have a purchase agreement or policy about second-hand Halo sales? Do you mind if I sell my Halo?

No. We do not have a purchase agreement or formal policy about second-hand sales.

That said, we DO ask and prefer that you give us the option to purchase your Halo back from you at your original purchase price (if the purchase originated with us) if you choose to sell it. That will help us make sure that your instrument is in tip-top shape before it goes to its next home, and it will in a small way keep our waiting time as short as possible.

We would also prefer that if you do sell it to someone other than us, that you not sell a Halo on eBay, but instead, offer it within a community forum of people who love these instruments at the price you originally paid.

How can I find my position on the wait list, and my predicted delivery date?

Because we do not have a conventional waiting list, joining our mailing/waiting list does not guarantee that you will ever receive an instrument. You must participate in our batch lotteries to get on a production list for a Halo.

If you win the lottery and acquire a position in a production batch, you will receive clear notification.

Once confirmed that you are on a production list, we will not contact you until we have a Halo ready for you. We do not make estimated delivery dates because of variabilities in the process.

If we have any questions or comments about your tuning or accessory choices, need information from you, or have special opportunities for you, rest assured, you will be contacted!  🙂

If you move, are going to be out of contact for an extended period, or do need to contact us, do not hesitate to write us, of course, but be aware that because of the volume of email we receive, there may be a delay before we reply.

Occasionally, we offer flash sales on our website for immediate Halo purchases.  Keep your eyes on our webstore for these opportunities as they will come sporadically and infrequently.

Is there a warranty on the Halo?

Generally speaking, we are on the honor system.

If there is a problem with your instrument that you were not expecting, or you are not happy for some reason with your Halo, we will attempt to “make it right” – up to refunding your money if necessary.

The main reason we do not have an official warranty as such however is that the Halo is not a complex machine with moving, breakable parts!

If it is well-treated, it should need only infrequent recoating with oil to protect its surface, and occasional tune-up to keep in perfect tune.

Damage from accidents is another matter, of course, and would not be covered by a normal warranty. But we hope that your Halo will never have an accident!

Can I add pay in advance, while I wait for my Halo to be ready?

No. We do not accept money before your Halo is ready.

Do you offer financing for musicians with excellent credit?

We understand Halos are an investment. That’s why we have decided to offer financing (only available to US residents for now). Select “Klarna” at checkout to take advantage of financing for your purchase.

Will there be tiered pricing, either between instruments, or to accommodate lower-income purchasers?

We have sold Halos for fixed and variable prices.  Please stay tuned to our communications to learn what procedure we will use next.

Is it possible to visit Pantheon Steel to choose a Halo in person? How can I arrange that?

If we happen to have available Halos, not meant for anyone else, at the time of your visit you are more than welcome to purchase one. Please contact us if you’d like to schedule a visit.

Will the Halo ever be available wholesale or in retails stores? Can I carry it in my store?

As of now we do not do this. However, contact us if you are interested in carrying Halos in your store and we’ll go from there.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. We do not accept returns or issue refunds. We do understand a Halo is a significant purchase, so we encourage you to try our various sound models on the Virtual Player before acquiring your Halo. You can also reach out to us if you have any questions prior to placing an order.

If you already own a Halo and have decided to part ways with it, please refer to our Swap & Sell program.

What is your typical handling/shipping time for a Halo?

Any Halo purchased as part of one of our sales events will ship within 10 business days after receiving payment.

When an order is placed for a Halo made just for you, it will be added to our production schedule. Your instrument will ship once ready.

Delivery times vary depending on your location (anywhere from 5 days for domestic orders to 2-4 weeks for international).

Want to own a Halo? Join the waiting list and get more information about this unique handpan, its makers and its players.