Did you know it was Kyle Cox who coined the term “handpan”?

Pantheon Steel was founded in 2004 by Kyle Cox, an expert steelpan maker and accomplished tuner. With significant contributions from fellow artisans along the way, the company quickly evolved into an industry-leading handpan maker, with its flagship instrument: the Halo.

At its inception, Kyle crafted traditional steelpan instruments, also known as steel drums. The Halo was inspired by the Hang sound sculpture invented in Switzerland, the steelpan from Trinidad & Tobago, and Kyle’s own unique understanding of what his instruments could and should have as a voice. In doing so, Pantheon Steel became the first handpan maker in the United States, and arguably the second maker in the world.

Pantheon Steel modified its equipment to handle steel sheets, rather than steel drum barrels–and a new instrument was born. Kyle did not invent the art form, but he did launch the handpan making industry by actively supporting and equipping other handpan makers to emerge. Kyle was and still is a believer in, and advocate for, other makers to actively explore the creative possibilities within this whole new class of instruments.

Over 2,000 Halos found their way into the hands of people of all backgrounds, cultures and traditions. Today, Pantheon Steel continues to pioneer R&D and to support the steelpan and handpan art forms through its consulting services, collaborations and retunes/repair.