2nd Halo + Zephyr HMU Collaboration!

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Heads up! Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind handpan? HMU collabs’ are the best way to get one—while helping to protect the integrity, fellowship, and security of our beloved young art form.

Handpan Makers United was founded to help ensure the open and healthy growth of this art form for many more generations to come. In response to intimidating, and even litigious, actions posed against many of our members, we have chosen to unite.

Today we present to you the 2nd collaboration between Zephyr Handpans and Pantheon Steel. Dean Richardson of Zephyr fabricated these shells, and sent them to me to tune in the Prodigal sound model (F/ C Db Eb F G Ab C).

It’s always interesting, inspiring and a welcomed challenge to tune someone else’s work. Dean was quite interested in our circular-note concept when he tuned our Halo shell last year. Thus he shaped this instrument accordingly. I hope the result speaks for itself. I love this pan!

This is HMU’s seventh collaborative instrument and more continue to be in the works. I would like to thank Dean for his willingness to accept this fun and rewarding challenge!

If you want to purchase this “Zalo #2” and be a part of our movement, please email us at [email protected] for details. The sale of these collab’ instruments is crucial to our endeavor.

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