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The Halo Handpan – Your Soul At Play

We are Pantheon Steel. We make the Halo, a handpan simple by design yet with uncompromising quality and integrity. We believe the Halo provides the rarest of gifts, creative freedom. And while the way that you play the Halo is simple, the engineering behind it is of our most advanced.

Perhaps more than any other Halo we have designed, the New Era Halo is a clear example of how sound, design and engineering become one through the handpan. It is the most deliberate evolution of our original handpan and the result of unparalleled innovation.

The Halo handpan is available in two sizes: 22 and 23 inches in diameter. For each Halo size we have carefully chosen sound models (or scales) with their own sonic flavor that produce clean and consistent results. You can try them all by using the Virtual Player (click/tap the notes or press the number keys of your keyboard).

Between all of us at Pantheon Steel, we have well over 50 years of tuning experience and we are dedicated to answer any question you have. You can sign up for our email newsletter to receive updates about upcoming sales events, lotteries, and other special announcements or visit our FAQs for more information about the Halo.

P.S. Did you know Kyle Cox coined the term “handpan”? You can listen to Kyle share the Halo story on The Handpan Podcast.

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