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Meet the Team

Meet Jonathan Heaven

Kyle’s Introduction

As you’ll read below, I met Jonathan in North Carolina in 2011 at a gathering called Handpangea.  I agreed to basically rebuild his newly purchased handpan and he watched intently throughout the entire process.  I could tell he was more than a player.  He was intrigued by the tuning process so I filed him in my memory bank as a possible future tuning apprentice candidate.

Each time I hung out with Jonathan it was more and more evident he wanted to ‘take up the hammer’ so I began working with him from time to time and then his official apprenticeship began in 2014.

Jonathan’s been through a lot with us and I’m very happy to have him officially on board the new Pantheon Steel train!


“I was born in South Africa and as a young boy immigrated with my family to Canada where I was homeschooled for a few years before attending high school. My passion at this stage of life was computers (web & graphic design). This was noted by my IT professor and led me to start working for the school district prior to graduating, making interactive online courses with the teachers.

Later I moved to a well-known web & marketing firm and eventually to Disney Online Studios where I worked on the children’s MMO game ‘Club Penguin.’ It was at this point when I fell in love with these creations (handpans) and heard about Pantheon Steel and the Halo. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to enter the Batch 2 Halo lottery by only hours. Extremely disappointed, I ended up obtaining a random handpan by a different maker from eBay.

The instrument I received wasn’t the best quality, but I was totally hooked regardless. This newfound obsession led me to go to the first ever ‘Handpangea’ in 2011, an unforgettable event where I was lucky to meet and connect with Kyle Cox over this shared passion. Kyle graciously retuned my instrument and I was amazed and inspired by what he accomplished with it.

I was feeling jaded with my current career of almost 10 years and was desperately needing a change to something that better aligned with my soul purpose. In February of 2014, I visited the Pantheon Steel HQ to hang out with the team and offer a hand around the shop. We realized that we were a great fit and I’ve since had the pleasure of being a part of the team in various different capacities, with a primary focus of studying the art of Halo making with Kyle. I was also lucky to work on some PLC programming and upgrades for a hydraulic press with the late Jim Dusin.”