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Meet the Team

Meet David Keay

Kyle’s Introduction

David joined our team officially in 2015, but had been well acquainted with us several years prior during our many shop renovations.  He was one of the few whose skills Jim completely trusted.  

David is a skilled craftsman in many ways.  He is the designer and creator of our custom hardwood Halo stands.  He is well versed in electrical, construction and overall design. Dave has been integral in our new shop renovations and also mans the hydroforming and plasma cutting machine.  I am grateful for his skill and positive energy.  


“I was born and raised close to Park Hills, Missouri. I attended Mineral Area College where I studied pre-architecture and engineering. After college, I was a floor layer for 23 years which led into doing construction work. I began doing some carpentry work for Jim Dusin, which eventually introduced me into doing some work for Pantheon. These random projects lasted about six years.

Kyle then offered me a full-time position with Pantheon in 2015 which I accepted. I now design and handcraft the wooden Halo stands. I use wood that is found on my farm. So far there are only a couple types of wood that I use, but more are to come in the near future!

When I started doing this job I didn’t expect it to take off the way it has. When I am not working, I enjoy kayaking, fishing, and anything that has to do with custom designs of weaponry and shooting sports.”